William Humbert

William grew up in a musical family learning the cello from the age of 7 later playing in an orchestra. He also learned the piano and during time spent in Scotland he found an broken old out of tune piano and tried to fix it. His interest in piano technology was awakened.

William Humbert

  • A.R.P.T. (Australasian Registered Piano Technician)

Back in France he was accepted into the EuropeanPianoTechnicianTraining School, and commenced his apprenticeship. Working at the Royal College of Music in Brussels in the years after training he gained valuable experience tuning for pianists. He subsequently worked for Yamaha Europe and different piano workshops in France.

In 2012 he decided to move to Australia,  worked and travelled for two years as an itinerant piano tuner ( moonlighting as a fruit picker, and shipwright assistant) before he joined Jenkin Piano in Auckland.

He enjoys working with music and musicians, meeting people and their pianos and in the workshop he likes the process of breathing new life into old instruments

In his spare time he enjoys wine, cheese, Belgian beers and a good book but also the outdoors. He plays several different instruments Piano, Trumpet, Guitar, Ukulele.