We pride ourselves on our satisfied customers. Here is a selection of some of the kind words we've received over the years.

..........playing’ over the last couple of days. It feels and sounds far more precise, with significantly improved clarity of both touch and tone. I particularly enjoy playing Bach, and I find the new precision the Grotrian now has facilitates a much more satisfying result when aiming for the compromise that one hopes to achieve when playing early period music on a modern instrument. The particular semi-detached technique is far more easily achieved. Less mush, more clarity! The tone colours seem brighter...... it’s pleasing that this extension of tonal possibilities hasn’t come at the cost of the subtleties of tone colour that I have always enjoyed with the instrument in the past. I also enjoy the Impressionist repertoire. In this regard it was always possible to achieve a soft, delicate, warm tone with minimal use of the pedal. If anything, these qualities are enhanced. .........Thank you for using all of your ability and experience to make my .....the best piano it can be. It’s now my task to bring forth the range of possibilities you have created to the best of my abilities. There remains much still to explore over the months to come. It will be a pleasure. 

Thank you David. 

Kind regards,Wendy

I have been playing the piano for some long hours since it arrived & it is just amazing to say the least.  I am just so thrilled with it. Cheers & plenty of it

"The piano ... throughout the whole week was gorgeous. Whatever kind of sound the pianist wanted to produce from it, it seemed to be capable of it."
-Rae deLisle, Concert FM "Upbeat" review of the 2012 New Zealand international Piano Festival

"The Blüthner is amazing now - incredible sustaining power without pedal, so that very clear sounds are possible. The high treble is enchanting. I virtually have to re-learn pieces whilst listening carefully, because the Blüthner sound is so different ... all part of leaning more about the music."
-Joanna Booth

"I have just been playing and the tone is superb!!"
-Sue Graham

"What a thrill to have the piano back today ... It looks and sounds great! Thank you all for your hard work and all the hours that must have gone into restoring it. Best regards."

"The Grotrian sounds absolutely stunning thank you. Still can't believe the changes you made to it. Thanks.”
- Gerard

"Thank you for the wonderful job your technicians have done restoring my Steinway. It is truly a credit to your company and it beggars belief how something 107 years old can be returned to such original condition."
- Chris Wagner

"The piano sings."
- Celia

"Dear David – Thank you so much for your care and skill in looking after my piano keys. I am thrilled with the result and so appreciate the effort you put in. The piano looks and sounds wonderful."
- Jan

"I have enjoyed doing business with your very professional firm."
- Clare Henderson

"Hello David, I have had some time now exploring the piano's new sounds and am thoroughly enjoying them. The higher notes in the treble are simply glorious and I can get a lot of sound from them now compared with before. The bass is much clearer and responds well to my touch ... I am more than satisfied and consider myself very lucky."
- Ann Aitken