A very tired Bechstein Concert grand gets a new lease of life.

Rescued from a night club some years ago this grand old dame had seen much better days and some questionable previous repairs. Missing its castors, a split tuning plank, split bridges and a caved in soundboard all needed to be dealt with. The original mechanism was serviced and the cabinet remains fittingly characterful for the  variety of good music available at the Sawmill café. 

Numerous small design tweaks were made during the rebuild, a new string scale, a new cutoff bar, frame support screws to name a few. The soundboard and ribs are European white spruce. The bridge cap Canadian rock maple. The ribs pre-radiused and a larger mid range area of the soundboard was possible with the new oak cutoff bar. The new open face tuning plank was laminated from many pieces of maple and then veneered before being fitted to the case. The top of the pedal lyra was replaced. The wooden threads for the legs were repaired. The fretwork music desk was repaired. Enjoy!