Repairs, Rebuilding, Restoration

From time to time tuning, regulation and voicing will not be sufficient to keep your piano in excellent condition. We have the most comprehensively equipped workshop in Australasia, capable of carrying out every possible type of piano repair, from complete rebuilding to minor upright repairs.

Yuji Nakamura restringing a grand piano

Main workshop

Please call us so we can schedule a visit to inspect and quote. Visitors are welcome at the workshop but please call first to schedule a suitable time.


Some common problems we are able to repair:

  • Sluggish mechanism or keys (Re-centering or key easing)
  • Worn or loose keys (key bushings)
  • Keyboard restoration (re-gluing key tops, bleaching and polishing ivory)
  • Replacing damaged key covers
  • Reshaping worn hammers
  • Re-graphiteing and burnishing mechanism parts
  • Replacing worn or broken parts, (tapes, springs, hammer shanks, hammer shank rollers)
  • Replacing hardened or worn felts (hammers, dampers, key felts, hammer rest felt, cushions)
  • Key re-leading
  • Replacing hardened or worn leather (catcher or butt leathers)
  • Replacing broken strings - Bass or Treble
  • Every other conceivable repair

Usually, if the mechanism has been disassembled for repair it will need to be Serviced, regulated, tuned and voiced to complete the repair.


Older, heavily-used pianos, or pianos that have been poorly kept, will need more extensive rebuilding. We are recognised as New Zealand's foremost rebuilders. We are happy to schedule a visit to inspect and quote. Rebuilding can include some or all of the following:

  • Complete restringing: Tuning pins, tuning plank bushing, agraffes replacement.
  • Tuning plank replacement: Complete sections or plugging. Delegnit or Bolduc Maple. Veneering open face planks.
  • Bridge recapping notching and repining: Canadian rock maple, boxwood or laminate.
  • Capo bar re-profiling and hardening. This can make a significant improvement in treble tone and reduce treble string breakage.
  • Frame refinishing and frame mounting modification.
  • Soundboard, cutoff bar and rib repair, modification or replacement. We build our own soundboards and radius our own ribs.
  • Complete mechanism replacement: Mechanism frame replacement, Steinway tube replacement and/or complete mechanism parts replacement. This includes checking mechanism geometry and modification where appropriate.
  • Damper mechanism replacement or modification to hinged type Sostenuto tabs; Installation of cross block mounted Sostenuto systems in Steinways.
  • Redesign: Treble string and bass string scale, bridge lengths, string exit angles, string back lengths, bass string eye type, soundboard and rib dimensions are all critical to excellent tone. We carefully analyse and will, with your permission, alter where improvements are possible.
  • Loan pianos are available for extended repairs and rebuilds.

Restoration and Cabinet Refinishing

We provide a number of services to ensure that your piano looks as good as it sounds. We are happy to schedule a visit to inspect and quote. Restoration and cabinet finishing work can include:

  • Restoration of antique mechanisms: including re-felting or re-leathering hammers, hammer butts, notches, hammer shank rollers.
  • Restringing with historically appropriate wire.
  • Keyboard restoration.
  • Soundboard, rib and bridge and tuning plank restoration.
  • Repairs to the cabinet, including re-veneering.
  • Installing new pianos in your antique cases.