Piano Tuning and Service

We recommend pianos be tuned twice a year, although some of our customers find once a year sufficient. If a piano is being used frequently, more regular tunings will allow us to refine the tuning. Pianos should always be tuned prior to concerts and important performances.

Piano Tuning

Pianos which have not been tuned for a number of years often drop in pitch. If this is the case with your piano, it will require pitch-raising to re-establish the correct pitch (a1440) before it can be tuned. There is an additional charge for this. If a piano has been unused, it will commonly need additional work to make it serviceable again.

How do I book a tuning?

Please phone 0274731224
Or email us at info@jenkinpiano.co.nz

What does tuning cost?

Standard tuning in metropolitan Auckland costs $ 190 inc GST. There are additional charges for pitch raising, typically $ 60 and travel charges for out-lying suburbs.

Piano Servicing

What is servicing?

Servicing is occasionally required to counter wear and to restore the mechanical sensitivity and tone of your piano. It encompasses regulation and voicing as well as tuning.

Regulation: Involves numerous adjustments to the mechanism and keys so they operate at maximum efficiency and give the pianist a sensitive, accurate and responsive piano.

Voicing: Is altering the hammers' resilience and ensuring their surface exactly meets the strings to ensure the tonal quality of the piano is even and pleasing.

How often should my piano be serviced?

Privately-owned uprights Every 5 to 10 years
Grand pianos Every 3 to 5 years
Teachers' pianos Every 3 to 5 years
Concert instruments Very frequently